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"I feel freer and more able to move forward in this new Coronavirus reality." 

      University Student  

"This work has been a Godsend for releasing grief and stress. Our sessions over Zoom and the telephone are just as effective as our face to face sessions."

       Nurse's Aide working in Senior Nursing Facilities

"This work has changed my life.  I am clearing beliefs and fears that have been holding me back for years, with lasting results.  Renee is gifted in the work she does."

      Consultant, Entrepreneur, Mother and Business Owner

  • In one random control study, 49 Unites States Military Veterans suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder each received 6 individual Energy Psychology sessions. After the sessions 86% no longer scored in the PTSD range.

Energy Psychology combines modern psychology with ancient modalities for rapid, lasting change.  Many people are becoming familiar with TFT, EFT and "tapping." These are just one of multiple modalities used in Energy Psychology. Over 200 peer review studies support Energy Psychology as an evidence based effective method with lasting results.

"I was emotionally and physically exhausted when I found Renee. I was a changed person after the first visit. I couldn’t wait to sit with her again to claim more healing and victory in my life. After only a few sessions, my whole outlook changed. The exercises I was given were targeted at the root of the problems and dispelled the source of the pain and exhaustion. I was finally made whole again."

      University Administrator

"I was dealing with grief. Immediately , from the very first session I felt differently."

"This work helped me through a tremendously difficult period in my life."

Due to the nature of the work testimonials are anonymous.

Certified through ACEP (Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology:

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