Sing with Every Cell


"Great work! Productive!"

     Kevin Bylsma, Toledo Opera Chorus Master and Head of Music    

     Preparation, BGSU Faculty

“I was simply amazed by her work. Our students all loved the class. I offer a hearty recommendation!”

     Laura Reaper, Univ of Toledo Faculty and Toledo Opera Artist

"Renee has patiently taught me many tools that I so gratefully employ regularly, whether it is during practice, when I need to relax and focus in the middle of a hectic day, or before a performance when I need to be grounded to allow my voice the freedom to reach its fullest potential." 

     Dani Hummel-Sass, Oberlin Conservatory

● What would it feel like and sound like to sing with every cell of your body participating? Often a person’s energy is blocked in a particular area of the body. This work clears the 7 major energy centers of the body known in yoga as the chakras. Amateur and professional voice users alike will have a renewed, free, relaxed and powerful new experience of their voice.  

● The workshop is much more than just asanas (physical postures). Asana work is included and accommodates all fitness levels.

● Multiple yoga elements are combined. Including experiences in: Bija Mantras (ancient Sanskrit chants), Hand Mudras (yoga hand positions), Yoga Elements (fire, earth, etc.), Vowel work, Pitched Keynote Exercises, Chakra Qualities and Vocalises.

● This work is the result of a lifetime of singing and yoga and is applicable to the spoken voice as well as singing.


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