All music was once new. Newly composed

works are vital to the future of music and

I am excited to be a part of the continuum.

While a student at San Francisco State University,

a mind open to new sounds lead directly to a lifelong

interest in the music of living composers and the 

heritage being created in today's classical music 


Dr. Clair appears regularly in a variety of

professional new music venues and festivals

throughout the United States. In addition to

regional events, she has performed at

multiple National Conventions for Society

for Composers, Inc, and College Music

Society. Her new music repertoire extends

from the classics of contemporary literature

through new works written for her voice.

Renée is the featured singer on the recently

released CD Music of Brian Bevelander

(Equilibrium EQ 102), which includes 40

minutes of music written for her voice.

Renée frequently collaborates, travels, and

performs with Brian Bevelander: composer,

pianist, husband.

The Lake Isle of Innisfree

     by Brian Bevelander

O Sweet Everlasting Voices

     by Brian Bevelander