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11.12.2017  Meridian Health Workshop: A Therapeutic Approach to 

     moving through Life

     Gem Yoga and Life Enrichment 1-5pm Tiffin, OH 

10.22.2017  Yoga for Singers Workshop 1-4pm

     Heidelberg University Voice Studio of Dr. Clair

10.01.2017  Bikram Yoga Toledo 1-5pm

    Meridian Health: A Therapeutic Approach to Moving Through Life

9.29.2017 Performance with Tom Cipullo

     Heidelberg University 7pm

9.28.2017 Tom Cipullo Voice Masterclass

     Heidelberg University 8pm

9.09.2017  Yoga for Singers Workshop 1-4pm

     Heidelberg University Voice Studio of Dr. Clair

7.7 and 7.8.2017  University of Toledo Janus Vocal Arts Festival

    Yoga for Singers: Sing with Every Cell

6.25.2017   The Healing Farm Tiffin, OH 

    Brian Bevelander's Music of the Solstice along with Energy Balancing

3.25.2017  Gem Yoga and Life Enrichment, Tiffin, OH 12 noon - 3pm

    Yoga for Singers: Sing with Every Cell

3.3.2017  Toledo School for the Arts

   Energy Balancing and Grounding

1.30.2017 Heidelberg University School of Music and Theater

    Body Awareness         ​

1.13.2017 Bowling Green State University College of Musical Arts

    Yoga for Singers! Sing with Your Whole Being  

11.14.2016 Heidelberg University Aim Hei 

     Stress Management

10.24.2016 Heidelberg University Positive Psychology

     Centering and Introduction to Energy Psychology

8.13.2016 Senior Recitals: Allison Kuhn and Maia Brower, voice

     3pm Oak Harbor High School

6.9.2016 University of Toledo Janus Vocal Arts Festival

     Energy Management and Yoga

5.31-6.7.2016 Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology

     National Conference and 4 days training toward certification

     Santa Clara, CA

5.22.2016 Vocal Enrichment Recital 3pm

     12 Singers Celebrate in Recital/Oak Harbor High School 

3.19.2016 The Music and Wellness Institute Innaugural Launch

     Day long event at Heidelberg University 9am-5pm 

2.27.2016 Marshall University, Huntington, WV, SCI Region III Conf.    

     Resonant Images by Brian Bevelander, 3 songs on Yeats texts

                         composer at the piano

11.6-8.2014 Artist in Residence at University of Tennessee Chattanooga

     11.6.2014  Vocal Masterclass

     11.7.2014   Guest Artist Voice Recital including Resonant

                          Images, Bevelander

     11.8.2014 Music and Wellness Institute

                          Wellness and Music Lecture, Yoga Classes, discussion

08.19.2014 Guest Teacher for Bikram Yoga Columbus

07.25.2014 Ann Arbor Festival of Song. Kevin Bylsma, piano

06.06-12.2014 Guest Teacher for Hot Yoga Indy, Indianapolis, Indiana


05.03.2014  Guest Teacher for Bikram Yoga Ann Arbor West, Ann Arbor,



04.25.2014  World Premiere of A Dream Within a Dream and The

     Sleeper by Jeremy House. Scott Kretzer, percussion and Brian

     Bevelander, piano. Heidelberg University


04.03-05.2014  A Divine Image: Four Songs from William Blake  for voice

     and piano by Jonathan McNair; Curtis King, piano.

     A Deep-Sworn Vow and Wild Swans from Resonant

     Images by Brian Bevelander with composer at the piano. Heidelberg

     University New Music Festival


03.22.2014  National Conference Society of Composers, Inc. Conference,

     Ball State University: World Premiere of A Deep-Sworn Vow along

     with Wild Swans from Resonant Images by Brian Bevelander, with

     composer at the piano


03.07.2014  World Premiere of Wild Swans from Resonant Images by

     Brian Bevelander, with composer at the piano; University of Puget

     Sound, SCI Regional conference


01.31-02.02, 2014 Symposium for Voice Performance and Pedagogy;

     Oberlin Conservatory of Music


01.18.2014 The Yoga for Singers Insitute at Tiffin University

     Tiffin, OH To Be Rescheduled


01.17.2014 Vocal Recital at Tiffin University, Tiffin, OH with Laura

     Reaper, Kristen Santos and Kai-Wei Chen 7:30pm

     To Be Rescheduled


12.12-15.2013 Visiting Bikram Yoga Teacher at The Hot Room,

     Indianapolis, Indiana


10.19.2013 SCI Region IV Conference at Eastern Kentucky University

     Richmond, Kentucky. Bevelander; Songs of Evocation with

     Dr. Bevelander at the piano.


08.30.2013 Heidelberg University Faculty Recital

     Roger Vogel's Love Letters, Bach, Massenet, Leoncavallo, Caccini,;

     All pieces feature Kai-Wei Chen, violin, and Cynthia Ramsdell, piano


08.15.2013 Parma Music Festival, Portsmouth, New Hampshire

     Songs of Evocation, Bevelander, with Dr. Bevelander at the piano

07.26.2013 Ann Arbor Art Song Festival

     Love Letters by RogerVogel


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